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Electric gate kits

When it comes to electric gates for your home or business, Autogatesystems have a wide range of Electric Gate Kits including Underground Gate Kits and Ram type gate openers, Articulated and sliding gate kits . Autogate Systems also supply sliding gate hardware from the gate wheels to the nylon gate rollers and equipment needed to make any gate. We also provide a full range of accessories including gate remote controls wired Intercoms, Wireless intercom systems,Gsm and WiFi access control solutions . We work with our customers and gate installers to provide the perfect solution for the security of your home or business.

We also provide a range of effective electric gate safety solutions and advice. A correctly installed electric gate is crucial and European laws require specific safety measures are in place. See our range of Safety edges and Photocells

Sliding Gates

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We have a range of sliding gate kits and hardware such as wheels for gates and nylon rollers,catering to sliding gates weighing up to 3000kg. Sliding gates are ideal where space inside your property is of a minimum and parking proximity is refined, maybe a driveway is too short or a residence is built closely to an entrance. Also now available is the Follow me sliding gate gear where less than half the space where the gate is required to return to is required.

Safety edges are a key component and sliding gate safety edges can be fitted to the gate whever there is a risk to safety by the movement of the gate. All electric gate systems must be fitted and operated within the current rules and regulations and comply with current legislation on gate safety. See out gate safety edges available in wired or wirless for additional sliding gate safety.

Intercom Systems


There are 4 main types of intercom available, wired intercoms, wireless intercoms , GSM intercoms and Wifi .Our Intercoms are availalbe in audio or video intercom format. Wireless intercoms such as the Daitem Wireless Intercom which allow the user to engage with a visitor and grant access remotely without wires form gate to the property. To open the gate, the caller simply presses a button on the wireless intercom handset. Wireless intercoms are available with and without keypads or codelock.

Wireless intercoms and wired intercoms are also availble with video functionality - see video intercoms. GSM intercoms don't require wires and work the same way as your mobile phone. When a button on the intercom is pressed, the user can then communicate on their mobiel or landline via gsm network and by simply pressing the a key on their mobile  open the gate or door. GSM intercom systems can store up to 100 numbers.

Electric gate accessories

V2 Gate automation Phox remote

We stock many electric gate accessories, additional electic gate keyfobs and remote controls are our most popular electric gate accessories from leading suppliers Faac, Dea, V2, Liftmaster and many more. Electric gate safety edges are a great safety feature. The safety edge fits along the edge of your gate. When the edge comes into contact with an obstruction, the gate will reverse its position or react in different ways depend on programming. Electric gate safety around kids and pets is a key concern. Safety beams safety edges and photocells offer protection and control to trigger or prevent a gate from closing when required..

We also have ground loop detectors which are installed underneath your electric gate creating a miniature (invisible) magnetic induction field. What this means is that when a car passes over this area, its presence is detected and the gate can be triggered to open. .

Barriers & Bollards

Electric barriers / bollards are used on many types of business or residential properties. The bollards are fitted with an alunimum boom and operate silently and can be fitted with rubber profile edge and many safety features.

As well as entry barrier control, we have a range of bollards that come in a range of formats including telescopic and removable bollards.


Autogate systems provides gate automation solutions both to the public and trade. We supply electric gate kits across Ireland and the UK and our electric gate solutions including accessories can be ordered online.

We have automatic gate and bollard solutions suitable for use on both residential and commercial properties. We supply a wide range of gate automation systems (electric gate kits) for both aboveground and underground use. As well as this we offer both high and low voltage kits, suitable for commercial or domestic settings. If you have are unsure of your electric gate requirements or you would like to learn more about a specific item, please e-mail us and we will suggest a gate automation kit with the exact specification to suit your needs.


Choosing a system to suit your gates

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